[section_dd section_title=’Made in Italy’ class=’dnd_section_dd no_padding_bottom section-tag section_with_header’ fullwidth=’1′][column_dd span=’6′][image_dd url=’https://coronari-italia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/made-in-italy.jpg’ animation=’fadeIn’ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′][/image_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′][text_dd]A unique blend of tradition and technology is what Coronari Collection is in term of products. All our production is craft-made, with a goal to achieving the highest tailoring standard, with genuinely Made in Italy. With 35 years experience in the Industry our trained artisans apply the remarkable sensitivity and amazing expertise in refining details, and making fine tailors products.

Passions, Creativity, Skills, Conscientious Hands, Respectful of Traditions, all together give our products a unique quality that able to compete at the highest level of the industry.

Coronari has strong roots in the area of Lake Como, a territory with its natural beauty and artist inspired landscape, that was able to preserve its values and traditions.

A working culture considered as a social value that has made the area a protagonist of immense economical growth. Coronari is totally committed to preserve our culture, confirming the liaison and the involvement on maintaining the strength.

The Coronari production facilities are located in the area of Brianza, between Milan and Como Lake where nature is considered a wealth and a patrimony to respect.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]