[section_dd section_title=’Contract Division’ class=’dnd_section_dd no_padding_bottom section-tag section_with_header’ fullwidth=’1′][column_dd span=’6′][image_dd url=’https://coronari-italia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/contract-1.jpg’ animation=’fadeIn’ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′][/image_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′][text_dd]The company is also acknowledged for the high quality development of hotels, condominiums and offices. The company with its know-how, and expertise, continues to expand in the Contract Division. The strong support of designed creations, production, project management and logistic activities are perfectly integrated to provide the proper implementation of complex contract projects.

CORONARI  has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce sofas and seating with good value for money.

With the culmination of thirty years work in design and expression, we are the company with a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’, at the same time, Coronari has always been open to new ideas and inspirations.

Along with its product catalogue, Coronari offers customers its design and production expertise to create customized projects for the contract and luxury residential sectors; thanks to the combined talents of our master artisans, our network of trusted suppliers, the use of high quality materials and a true attention to detail.

Coronari has been combining craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial processing techniques to create unique products as well as focus on the worlds of industrial design, contemporary art and fashion.